09 Dec 2021

These stories these legends our what we called myths tales that have no proof to be believed to be true but say to inspire and spark the minds of the future generation through these stories we learn about what the old world was like and how they believe to overcome these destructive creatures so now is the question, how often is a myth to be true or to be false or better yet is just a story enough to make you check your surroundings after you hear of these tales?

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19 Oct 2021

This is the history of All Souls Day or the early Halloween.

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25 Aug 2021

Since the beginning of social media, there has been at least 1 person that dominates overall, whether it be a model, an artist or even a Youtuber, the internet has always been some level of popularity contest.

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06 Apr 2021

As this may be a confusing concept to grasp at first, it is important to look into the scientific aspects behind the correlation between physical health and mental health...

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06 Mar 2021

A podcast? What podcast? Yes, a podcast…but just any podcast, its Know the Neo!

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06 Mar 2021

Get more insight on the education system and how it works.

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