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25 Aug 2021

Since the beginning of social media, there has been at least 1 person that dominates overall, whether it be a model, an artist or even a Youtuber, the internet has always been some level of popularity contest.

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04 Feb 2021

Social media is the universal platform for communication, entertainment, and a way to feel involved in the world. Social media is used by nearly 225.61 million US citizens a day according to

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28 Dec 2020

Winter Break is here! With that, there are many activities you can do during the break. One holiday favorite is watching Christmas movies. Here are 10 Christmas movies the Knight Times team recommends watching over the next few days of break.

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19 Dec 2020

Code is the very thing that makes our devices run and perform certain tasks...

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19 Dec 2020

Movies and TV shows are a huge part of how we entertain ourselves...

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