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19 Oct 2021

This is the history of All Souls Day or the early Halloween.

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06 Apr 2021

As this may be a confusing concept to grasp at first, it is important to look into the scientific aspects behind the correlation between physical health and mental health...

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06 Mar 2021

Get more insight on the education system and how it works.

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02 Feb 2021

The red planet is the fourth planet from the sun, with a radius of 2,106 miles; smaller than earth, but still a great danger to anyone or anything that is unprepared...

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Elon Musk

14 Jan 2021

Elon musk and other successful people are now the top people that rule our technology, society, and how we do things...

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19 Nov 2020

Learn About NeoCity's Grading System

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NeoCity Students

09 Oct 2020

Welcome to NeoCity Academy! If you're new here, my name is Yama and I'd like to welcome you to your news school. I've attended this school since freshman year and I'm currently a junior this year...

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NEOC Students

30 Sep 2020

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a student run organization within NeoCity Academy. Events and ceremonies ...

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NeoCity Academy

27 Aug 2020

Details On How NeoCity Is Dealing With The Covid-19 Situation

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