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Knight times is a school newspaper club that plans to share the most important news to you. We plan on getting you informed in your school and community We plan to give you the most trustworthy and updated news as possibble. We want you to enjoy our content. What do you say? Come Join Our Team or Continue to our website!

Who and What Are We?

We want to bring a News club to the students of NeoCity where they can receive monthly news from the school. The newspaper will raise awareness for important purchases, such as tickets for HOCO, that would fund the school and get more people to be involved with events. The newspaper would promote events such as HOCO, tournaments, competitions, and club events. Students will be able to enjoy a source of quality content every month as a summary, reminder, or entertainment for the school. By understanding the struggles of running a club where students would forget meetings or become unaware of club activities, we have created a place for us to view the club meeting times and current projects. We believe this would give more opportunities for students to join clubs they are passionate about. A newspaper would also create a way for students to bond and be more inclusive. A source of entertainment would not only bring the whole school together but would promote positive interactions between students.